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 Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover: Evolution des versions

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MessageSujet: Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover: Evolution des versions    Ven 15 Avr - 18:19

Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover: Patch 1.00.14072
Hi everyone,

The beta patch is out. You do not have to install it unless you want to help us test it for issues.

If everything is all right with the patch, the live version of it will hit steam servers late Monday night Moscow time.

Before installing the patch, make sure that your game version is up to date. If you have disabled automatic updates in steam, re-enable it and allow steam to update the game to the most recent version which is 1.00.13954. The game version is shown in the lower right corner of the main interface screen.

The patch will not work with an earlier version of Cliffs of Dover.

Download the patch and manually extract it to your main game directory which by default is
(Program Files)\Steam\steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover

Your new game version will be 1.00.14072. This patch will later be overwritten by an automatic update.

Note that while this version will allow you to play online with the older version, they are actually incompatible and you will run into issues. You do not have to report them.


What to look for:
1. Please test the heck out of the new Steam Lobby. NOTE: lobby interface is not yet localized.
2. Changes in performance – please report whether it’s gotten better, and if so, by how much.
3. Any graphical bugs or glitches, especially with landscape, buildings and trees.
4. Any other unforeseen glitches and bugs.

PLEASE keep this thread ONLY for the discussion of the beta patch. Please do not re-report previously reported issues. Please do not use this as a Q&A thread or a flamewar thread or a feature request thread or a lamentation thread. Please keep it purely utilitarian. That’s what this beta patch is – a quick way to see if it does what it should without doing something it shouldn’t.

Thank you all for your support!

NOTE: This is the international version of the patch. It will not work with the Russian version. If you have purchased a Russian version of the game, download this instead:

Incomplete beta patch readme (the final patch will contain more features):


* Added a new Steam Lobby feature to the Multiplayer section as an alternative to the existing server search. A lobby is a place for players to gather before joining or creating a server. The most important feature of a Lobby is that it allows one to join servers running on a non-public IP, bypassing network address translation. It will of course also allow you to send players to a public IP server just as well.
When a lobby links to a public IP server, that server can be accessed both from the Lobby, or directly from the Server search. With a non-public IP, the only way to access a server is through a lobby.
When running a dedicated server, the lobby host can link to it by pressing the Find Server button. Otherwise just press Play to create a new Server.
[to be expanded]
* Fixed certain aircraft flame and smoke effects not syncing when playing on-line and recording tracks.


* Further improvements to framerate in regards to the terrain engine. It will be most noticeable on machines with 4+ CPU cores.
* SSAO is optional, can be toggled on the fly with a checkbox in Video Options. Turning SSAO off will slightly decrease the graphical quality of the game while improving performance.
* Texture quality slider added to video options. The settings are Original (no change), High (reduced 2x), Medium (reduced 4x) and Low (reduced 8x). Lowering texture size will cause significant performance gain on lower-end machines at the expense of the graphic quality. Please not that the feature is smart enough not to downscale aircraft textures, so the most crucial components of the game will remain unaffected.


* Completely removed overload assessment from carburetters. Rolls-Royce engines will now cut if overload is negative, and will not cut if it is positive. (old values were sneezing at .5G, and cut-out at .25 which we felt were dead on, but this apparently confused most of the players)
* When starting in mid-air, all gyro instruments will be spinned up so you don't have to wait for AH to get in shape, as well as course setters and DI set to actual heading for you.
* Reworked damage module to work dramatically faster when a plane is under heavy bullet bombardment.
* Elevator trim is now set close to neutral when starting in air.
* Returned the water splash when a plane plummets into the water.
* The Spitfire DM will no longer occasionally ignore detached rear fuselage.
* Changed WEP control feedback on Bf. 109. Rather than showing an 'On-Off' message, it now will show if it actually is switched on, and when it actually switches off.
* Fixed minor Bf. 109 damage visuals.
* Ju. 88 gear struts now break off gear well covers when they detach from the plane.
* Fixed missing power cords in Bf. 109 and Hurricane cockpits.
* Fixed visual issue with bullet holes in cockpit glass.
* Fixed issue with FW. 200 radiator flaps floating on detached engines.
* Fixed missing geometry on Spitfire's damaged right wing under the landing flap.
* Reworked movement of the Hurricane boost cut-out pull knob.
* Fixed minor Bf. 110 damage visuals.
* Propellers on detached motors will now appear stalled.
* New spectacular fuel storage explosions (blow up those large round cistern buildings around the map)
* An invisible mental force won't raise your landing flaps on the strip after you start the engine any more.
* Replaced every tachometer in every British and Italian plane with an electrical type, since some people find needle movement on the mechanical type not what they expected.
* Jammed and stuck motors won't budge when flying at high speed.
* Adjusted behavior of broken engines.
* Doubled quantity of air in undercarriage emergency discharge containers. This makes it more likely that your emergency gear will have enough momentum to push the struts down till they lock.
* Landing flaps on Bf. 110 can now be ripped off only as whole, not in halves.
* Bf. 110 hydraulics pump is now driven by its right motor as it should.
* Fixed a bug with carburetor backfire always causing intake damage.
* New assessment causes less initial destruction to surrounding area when fuel storage explodes.
* Fuel storage fires, on the contrary, will be more destructive.
* Flames and heat from aerial fires will now make a plane catch fire, rather than break its parts.
* Implemented new getParameter() to AiAircraft interface to allow more access to aircraft state in mission scripts.

megaupload.com 87VANFZS
megaupload.com S9FUUZRQ


Asus P8P67 Deluxe Rev 3.0 (Révision B3) - G.Skill Kit Extreme3 2 x 4 Go PC12800 CAS8 ECO - Intel Core i5 2500K - Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2Go

"Tu l'as voulu, tu l'as eu ..." - MC Warrior

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MessageSujet: Re: Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover: Evolution des versions    Dim 26 Juin - 15:31

Une mise à jour à eu lieu vendredi 24/06/2011 avec le patch v1.02.14821.
Voici les changements :

* Bf. 109 E-1 ajouté ;
* Navire de guerre allemand Minensuchboot 1935 ajouté ;
* Nouveaux modèles 3D de membres d'équipages ajoutés à divers navires ;
* Modèle de dommages pour les radars et autre gros objets amélioré ;
* Carte en jeu améliorée, avec quelques outils simples de navigation.

* Graphismes du Spitfire retravaillés ;
* Modèle visuel de dommages de l'écoutille (?) du Spitfire légèrement modifié ;
* Problèmes graphiques dans la cabine de l'opérateur radio du Br.20 réglés ;
* Animation de la mitrailleuse ventrale du Br.20 ajoutée. Les obus glissent maintenant de la seconde ouverture quand il n'en reste qu'environ 60 ;
* Changements mineurs appliqués au Blenheim Mk. I;
* Changements mineurs appliqués au cockpit pilote du D.H. 82.

* Les compteurs de munitions ne se remettront plus à zéro quand une arme arrive à court de munitions ;
* Les avions n'accepteront plus de dommages incorrects appliqués par le biais de scripts utilisateur (par exemple, dommage appliqué au second moteur d'un avion monomoteur) ;
* Les définitions des "slots d'armement" peuvent maintenant être réglées de manière à modifier la cadence de tir d'une arme, permettant des configuration spéciales et des armements synchronisés ;
* Routines pour le "fixed loop radio compass" terminées.

* D.B. 600x - les avions qui en sont équipés (Bf. 109 & 110) démarrent maintenant au parking avec un pas d'hélice réglé sur "petit pas" ;
* Les fragments d'obus de DCA ont plus d'effet destructeur ;
* La variation de la cadence de tir des mitrailleuses synchronisées des Bf 109 et G.50 a été supprimée ;
* Plus de tentatives pour recharger les armes à court de munitions. L'arrivée à court de munition sera accompagnée des bonnes animations et indications sur les compteurs de munitions pour les avions concernés ;
* Le retour de force ne produira plus de vibrations dues au tir une fois que les armes seront à court de munitions ;
* Ajustement de la décélération des bouts d'avion qui se détachent ;
* Le radio-compas du Br.20M est maintenant fonctionnel et marche en circuit fermé (?)
* Les pilotes IA peuvent maintenant quitter le combat lorsque leur morale est bas, à cause de pertes excessives ou de la perte de leur leader ;
* Les pilotes IA peuvent maintenant donner la chasse aux pilotes ennemis essayant de s'échapper ;
* Menu des ordres amélioré et augmenté.

* Interface multijoueurs et de sélection des avions retravaillée ;
* Ajout de smileys au chat hors du jeu. Les smileys ne sont pas affichés pendant la partie.
* Correction du bug "no found UC0" lors de la connexion à un serveur ;
* Les tours-minutes du moteur ne chuteront plus lorsque vous passez en bombardier / mitrailleur sur les avions multi-places ;
* Le jeu affiche maintenant correctement les serveurs "Friends-only" lors de la recherche de serveurs ;
* Il est maintenant possible de rejoindre les serveurs multijoueurs depuis steam, et plus seulement depuis le moteur de recherche dans le jeu ;
* Les zones d'apparition des appareils changent maintenant de camp correctement lorsque les aérodromes sont capturés ;
* Amélioration du code concernant l'apparition d'objets au sol en cours de jeu.
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Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover: Evolution des versions
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